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Disclaimer #1: I am not a fashionista. Nor am I a running “fastinista.” My three kids have more style in their little pinkies than I have in my whole body. Disclaimer #2: My seven-year-old took all the photos in this post. She’s won an award for her photography in the PTA Reflections program, but I’m still blaming her for any imperfections (sorry sweetie, it’s your fault that my ribs stick out and compete with my 34Bs).

Yesterday after school I took the girls with me to Sports Authority to buy KT Tape Pro. I wanted the blue tape, not because “blue” stands for depression about plantar fasciitis, but because blue stands for “blue streak” — something moving very fast. 🙂 There were plenty of rolls of bright yellow (also very cool) but I snagged the last roll of “Laser Blue.” Good omen? You tell me.

Ever the optimist, while I was at the store I shopped for potential technical shirts to wear at the marathon on November 10. I’m looking for something light-colored and close-fitting. It’s got to be short-sleeved rather than a tank top, to avoid any chafing issues. My favorite technical shirt is my short-sleeve “marathon tee” from the OC Half Marathon, produced by Greenlight Apparel. Unfortunately I think that it would be a bit of a faux pas to wear a half marathon branded race tee at a different brand marathon race, so I looked online to see if I could buy a plain Greenlight Apparel tee. I didn’t see exactly the same style.

At the store I happened upon this Under Armour shirt, on clearance for $16.98 from $22.99. It goes nicely with my Under Armour compression shorts. I swear it’s a coincidence that the color matches the KT Tape exactly. See disclaimer #1. I’m not that matchy-matchy.

Me and the KT Tape

I loved this shirt in part because it was an extra-small. I didn’t realize extra-small meant “shows every rib and belly paunch from your compression shorts.”

My kids begged me to buy it, which I did, along with several packets of green apple PowerGel and vanilla Clif Shots and Honey Stinger Waffles. So far the PowerGels with caffeine are the clear winners, and the regular Clif shots (offered on the marathon course) are second place. I’ve never tried Honey Stinger Waffles and I’m curious.

My 10-year-old got some new running shoes while we were at Sports Authority. Can I just mourn a little bit that she now wears a 6.5 in women’s shoes, and that means we pay twice as much for her shoes as we paid when she was a “girl” size?

We couldn’t find any shoes for my 7-year-old (who now wears a size 2, sob) so we headed off to Sears. We found two pairs of shoes there for the price of my 10-year-old’s one pair, and threw in an even cheaper pair for my four-year-old. While we were there, I took a quick pass through the sportswear and came out with these Everlast beauties for $7.99 each, on sale from $24 each. I’ll need to test them out on a run, but I think they’re pretty cute with the indented seams on each side, much like my beloved OC Half Marathon tee from Greenlight Apparel. My kids had a clear favorite. Here’s the light blue:

Everlast technical tee

The light blue Everlast technical tee

and the pink:

Everlast pink technical tee

Everlast technical tee in pink

What do you think (Under Armour blue, Everlast light blue, Everlast pink)? My kids liked the pink. How do you choose what to wear on race day? How far in advance do you plan your race day outfit?

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