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Earlier this week we skipped the kids’ tennis lessons so we could all go as a family to the last of our town’s music in park events. The kids start school again next week and we are making the most of the remaining bit of summer break!

Usually my husband takes the kids to music in the park while I get some precious time to myself to work out, read, or clean house (even that feels like a much-needed break!) I didn’t want to miss this special time with the kids and several of our family friends, so I made sure to spend the morning tidying up and getting in a workout. For cross-training on my marathon training plan, I did 30 minutes on the spin bike plus 15 minutes of the strength training exercises laid out in Run Less, Run Faster. Thank goodness I burned all those calories to make room for the evening’s treats!

We started off the night with a toast to the Beatles vs. Stones tribute bands Abbey Road and Jumping Jack Flash.

A toast to the bands

Here’s to music, family and fun!

Why yes that is “grape juice” and thank you local police for turning a blind eye to the drinking of grape juice in public at these events! We ate this corn salad for our picnic dinner along with some cucumbers, bell peppers and carrots that my 7-year-old cut up as a surprise for me! I call her my little sous chef.

For dessert, chocolate ice cream! Who can resist ice cream when it is FREE, compliments of the local realtors who helped sponsor the event.

Now that’s a generous single scoop of yum!

I burned off a few more calories as we danced the twist and rocked out to several more Beatles and Stones songs. I got a bonus weight workout as my 37-pound preschooler only wanted to dance in my arms! I also got to test my lungs as I belted out “Satisfaction” along with the band in an encore performance to my Rolling Stones karaoke night.

As it started to get dark, a little boy handed out glow bracelets to all the other kids on the dance floor.

Glow bracelet

My four-year-old couldn’t believe her good fortune!

A sense of community washed over me and I reveled in the glow of that feeling.

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