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I knew it was Halloween weekend when on my 13-mile run I saw a lady pirate and a skeleton pass me on the trail! Thus happily entertained (and with my friend Stephanie to chat with me for the last 7 miles) I managed to complete the run in 2:01 at an average 9:18 pace including the first mile as a slower warm-up. I’m very happy with that, especially given that it was 84 degrees out with high Santa Ana winds. The only thing I wish in retrospect is that I’d run those 13 miles for a medal at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon on Sunday! What a crackup to see the clever costumes for the race, my favorite being the Runaway Brides!

After my run my family and I donned costumes and headed to my cousin’s House of Hurl for a fun Halloween dinner.

Halloween vampires

This is me two years ago, a few days after I died my hair with henna. Just imagine me now about 15 pounds lighter and with darker hair!

The House of Hurl Halloween Party menu:

Dried Bat Wings w/Gangrene Sauce and Chopped Monster Guts (chips with guacamole and salsa)
Devil’s Eyeballs (deviled eggs topped with olives)

Mummy’s Milk (lemonade)
Vampire Blood (red wine)

Main Course
Graveyard Worms (a spaghetti-like tube pasta called perciatelli)
Zombie Brains in Fresh Blood Sauce (meatballs in marinara sauce)
Witches’ Fingers w/Pus (breadsticks with olive “fingernails” glued on with butter)
Frankenstein Skin, lightly dressed w/Slime (Caesar salad)

Bloody Creepy Crawly Cakes (spider cupcakes)
Werewolf Turds (Baby Ruth bars)
Haunted House Rat (large red gummy rats!)

Batwings with dip

Dried batwings with gangrene sauce and chopped monster guts

Devil's eyeballs

I gobbled up several devil’s eyeballs

flower centerpiece

The dead flowers for a centerpiece were a nice touch!

vampire blood wine

This vampire skipped the vampire blood but appreciated the hospitality!

meatballs in sauce

Zombie brains in fresh blood sauce – yum! Served with “graveyard worms” perciatelli pasta

Halloween treats

Dragon scales (red pepper flakes), mummy wrapping flakes (parmesan cheese) and dragon eyeballs (fresh mozzarella with olives)

witches' fingers

The witch fingers breadsticks were a huge hit with my kids

Halloween salad

Frankenstein skin lightly dressed with slime

Halloween desserts

The werewolf turds and spider cupcakes were delicious!

I hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween! What is your costume going to be this year? I’m getting the most out of that vampire costume!

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