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I desperately wanted to play hooky from my responsibilities on Monday to stay home and watch the live stream of the Boston Marathon. I was a good girl though, and had to satisfy myself later in the day with watching this clip of the men’s finish (via Beth of Shut Up + Run):

I don’t know about you but I cried when Meb started crying at the end. Fast forward to today when my friend Andrea posted this next video from the director of a popular local race, the Hollywood Half Marathon. Watching Ken made me cry too — a good, happy cry. Although Ken missed qualifying for Boston by 23 seconds (now THAT makes me want to cry), he traveled to Boston anyway to offer free hugs to the runners:

I know what it feels like to get a little energy boost from just such encouragement during a marathon. Any time a runner takes to stop for a high five or a hug comes back to him or her in a surge of goodwill and positive energy. Way to go, Ken!



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