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42 Years Young

Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd birthday. It started off the way all good days should, with an awesome, super-sweaty workout at the gym, followed by a protein bar and later, whole foods served on plates. One of those plates included a slice of this birthday blueberry pie:

Blueberry pie

Isn’t that just the most gorgeously wonky lattice top thrown together by me and pin-pricked with forks by 8- and 5-year-old helpers? At any rate the pie tasted delicious (as any pie with $12 worth of organic blueberries had better taste!)

In addition to edible birthday treats, there were many lovely gifts. Among other things, my parents got me this:

I rarely buy books (Cheap! Cheap! Libraries are the best invention ever!) but none of my local libraries carry a copy of Iron War and I’ve wanted to read it for a long time. My sister made me this darling shoulder bag (and when I opened the present, all three of my girls exclaimed, “I want one!”):

crocheted purse

And my husband took my camera in to be fixed so I can stop taking semi-blurry cellphone photos of myself! All in all a great day!

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