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After Saturday’s sluggish 13 miles of running, I did some water running on Sunday (boring but a good workout and a break for my plantar fasciitis plagued feet) and then hit the trail for 20 redeeming miles on the bike on Monday. That ride felt amazing! Of all three triathlon disciplines, I love biking the best. To me it’s the most kid-like and joyous activity. While I’m not quite fearless on the bike, I feel free and powerful and just so darn happy to be out on the trail. Monday happened to be an absolutely gorgeous day to be out. With the breeze and the fresh air from recent rains, I could almost ignore the fact that it was 91 degrees (33 C) in mid-October. In fact I tried really hard to ignore the fact that it will also be in the 90s when I attempt to run 20 miles later this week. How insane is that, that I biked 20 miles in 73 minutes and in a few days I will run 20 miles in about 200 minutes? No wonder I like biking the best! 😉

To amuse myself on the trail, I finally named my bike. First, I decided it’s an “it” not a “she” or a “he.” Don’t get me wrong, I did debate awhile about whether or not it should be a “he” so I could name it Matthew and pretend I was riding Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey at Nautica Malibu 2008

Matthew McConaughey and I could totally be triathlon buddies. Here he is at Nautica Malibu in 2008. Photo by Denise Cross. THANK YOU Denise. I think it’s safe to say we all thank you.

Sorry Matthew, my heart belongs to my other long-haired love, my husband Mike.

My husband Mike

My long-haired husband Mike, who I sometimes lovingly refer to as Fabio, for obvious reasons.

My second love is this, my Trek 2.3 WSD (Women’s Specific Design) road bike:

Trek 2.3 Women's Specific Design

Meet Bullet, my Trek 2.3 WSD (Women’s Specific Design) Road Bike

I’ve named it Bullet, as in, faster than a speeding Bullet, silver Bullet (the obvious color reference), and Bullet train. Let me explain. When I race, one of my mantras is “locomotion,” which I say as “lo-co-mo-tion” to the cadence of pedaling on my bike or the pounding of my feet on the run. I pretend I’m a freight train, barreling forward to the beat of the mantra. My core is solid while my legs are pistons, powering me along the route.

If you have a bike, have you given it a name?

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