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After a fantastic Labor Day weekend it’s back to our regular programming. I thought we could all use a laugh as we dive into the week. My three girls provide plenty of entertainment….

  • I caught my four-year-old pushing buttons on the telephone and asked her to hang it up before she accidentally called someone. She assured me I didn’t need to worry. “The only person I call on this phone is the one who says, ‘Hang up and try again.'”


  • My seven-year-old lost her fifth tooth. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy (identity fully known): “I wont to keep my tooth but can you give me mune”? She got her wish. One dollar for each year of age. The Tooth Fairy is very generous around here, after my oldest daughter knocked out her first tooth on the concrete floor of a basement when she was three.


  • When we went to Zuma Beach for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon open water swim clinic, my 10-year-old caught a Pismo clam and declared it her new pet. The clam’s name? Chowder. Don’t worry, a week later, Chowder was returned to the ocean in its new home at San Clemente City Beach.
San Clemente City Beach

Goodbye clam “Chowder.” We hope you like San Clemente City Beach!

  • I discovered that someone had drawn on the living room blinds in pen. It looked suspiciously like the handiwork of my 4-year-old, but she denied it. “That wasn’t me. I remember not doing it.”

What funny thing have you heard or seen lately?

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