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Southern California is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But after I’ve run the same routes, hills, tracks, trails and treadmills over and over again, I get a little bored. That’s part of the reason I rarely run the same race twice. I like to run someplace new and it’s such a privilege to get to run on a closed course.

Lately when I get bored, I just think back to my spring break trip and pretend that I’m here:

Malaekahana Bike Path Laie

That’s the Malaekahana Bike and Pedestrian Path from La’ie to Kahuku on the North Shore. It’s a wide, paved path that runs for a little over a mile next to Kamehameha Highway. I ran along it┬ámy last morning on Oahu. Everyone should have a chance to run there and then take a cooldown walk along a beach like this:

Laie Oahu

Those clouds make it look dramatic and cold but it was balmy and peaceful in the early morning hour after my run.

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Over spring break I was lucky enough to travel to Hawaii for a week. I love to keep up with my fitness regimen when I’m on vacation because it means that I get to explore new locations! I find that the best way to get to know an area intimately is to run it! We’d driven around the North Shore on Oahu enough that I’d discovered the beach path that starts at Sunset Beach.

Sunset Beach

Much of the path is shaded by gorgeous tropical plants. I appreciated the shade cover even though it was only about 81 degrees on the late March day.


The tide pools at Pupukea tempted me but I kept on running.


I turned around when I reached the 3-mile point at Waimea Bay. I highly recommend the botanical gardens in the Waimea Valley. We had a lot of fun walking the paths and swimming in the natural pool at the bottom of Waimea Falls.


It wasn’t easy running six miles in the humid and windy climate of the North Shore. By the end my normally dry, California-trained lungs felt clogged with wet cotton, but I was one sweaty and happy girl!

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