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Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get some great free stuff to review. StrideBox kindly sent me two boxes full of running goodies over the last two months. Let me just say straight up that I’m a pretty thrifty (okay fine, call me cheap) person and usually I would not sign up for a subscription service like StrideBox. But I also believe that money spent on fitness is money well spent, and at the current price of $15 per month, I can see how StrideBox is a good value for the avid runner. I particularly love that there are various gift subscriptions available (hint hint) without any long-term commitment.

First of all, it was a delight to receive a box in the mail. There’s something so fun and indulgent about receiving a package and opening it up to see what’s inside. And the great thing about StrideBox is that you’re bound to find at least one or two gems in each box. Not everything is going to be a winner, but that’s okay! It’s worth it to find out you didn’t like that particular protein cookie, but you really loved that flavor of protein bar.


I wonder what’s inside this carefully wrapped StrideBox?

My first box contained lots of wonderful goodies.



My absolute favorite, and something that I wouldn’t have found on my own, were the iGloves. They are the perfect weight for a chilly SoCal morning and they actually work when I try to start a podcast on my iPhone. No more tearing off my gloves in frustration when I want to answer a text or open the MapMyRun app.

I was surprised to find that I liked the Yogurt Berry PR Bar better than the Peanut Butter Granola one (which was also good, but both my 8-year-old and I preferred Yogurt Berry).


Can’t forget the sports detergent that was in the box too.

In the second box, I found a few more favorites.


Lots of goodies, treats and tips.

I am already a fan of Honey Stinger Waffles in my marathon training, and I am excited to try the Wildflower Honey flavor. And the morning I opened the box, I used the new-to-me Escape SPF 50 lip balm – a must-have in sunny Southern California. I look forward to having the HyperGo After Sports Wipe when I am out and about, trying a new trail somewhere while one of my kids is at ballet camp or tennis camp this summer and I’m squeezing in a run while waiting to pick her up. Love the massage tool too – that will really come in handy after a long run.

All in all I recommend StrideBox for a fun treat for yourself or the passionate runner in your life!

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You might recall that last spring I won a Saucony spring trio of running clothes from the lovely ladies at Another Mother Runner.

Saucony spring running outfit

Saucony spring running outfit

I promised to post a picture of me in the gear as soon as I got my act together enough to take a photo of myself. Problem is I was a little too busy actually working out in the gear to take a decent pre-workout photo of myself and it wouldn’t quite be fair to Saucony to take a post-workout photo — trust me! The good news is that I have tested the gear all summer long during marathon training and I love it!

And here's the awesome Saucony spring trio in action! Yes, I put on my new green running shoes to match my green jacket, but I swear I only bought the green shoes because they were the cheapest, not because I care about being matchy-matchy!

And here’s the awesome Saucony spring trio in action! Yes, I put on my new green running shoes to match my green jacket, but I swear I only bought the green shoes because they were the cheapest, not because I care about being matchy-matchy!

Now that I’ve put the gear to the test I can list some things I like about each item:

Saucony Run Lux short-sleeve running shirt: the tailored fit is great, but the thing I like best about this shirt is the bright pink color. I wear this shirt on all my long runs when I am going to be out on the road and need to be as visible as possible to car drivers.

Women’s Ignite Tight Capri (on sale now for $13 in black-on-black sizes XS and M!!): I wear these when I want a little more coverage than my skimpy compression shorts provide. They are comfortable and practical for all sorts of weather. Best thing about them though is the zippered pocket in the back where I can store a key during those shorter runs when I do not wear my fuel belt.

Saucony Transcendence Jacket: Fortunately I haven’t had to wear this windbreaker/rain jacket in any bad weather here in Southern California but I anticipate wearing it more often this fall. I love that it’s lightweight yet functional, and it has thumb holes in the sleeves. My 11-year-old saw me in it yesterday and begged to me to let her wear it, so you know it has the cute factor going for it!

Thanks again Saucony and Another Mother Runner!

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Running emboldens me and humbles me at the same time. I can go from the high of finishing a great race to the low of gutting out a tough training run. Through it all I open myself up to feeling vulnerable, to meeting new challenges, to learning more about myself and the sport. And inevitably along the way I find little nuggets of encouragement, often when I need them most (Thank You Kind Sir, Twenty Mile Run to the Ocean, Twenty Miles on Coyote Creek Trail).

On Saturday I finished up week 11 of 16 weeks of training for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon. Five more weeks to go. I’m vacillating between “Let’s do this already” and “I can’t believe it’s coming up so fast.” I’ve completed four of five 20-mile training runs. As the training ramps up and up and up, I find myself doubting my plan. Can I complete it without getting injured? Is it wise to follow an advanced marathon training plan for my second marathon? Saturday’s 20-mile run to the beach went well but left me feeling spent (as a good long run naturally should!) As I sat on the beach, warming up after soaking my tired legs in the cold Pacific Ocean:

Note that I am wearing a Saucony running visor. Then read the next sentence!

Note that I am wearing a Saucony running visor. This will be important.

I received word that I had won a Saucony running outfit from one of Another Mother Runner‘s “hump day giveaways”! I had just run 20 miles wearing my Saucony running visor, and I won a Saucony outfit!

Saucony spring running outfit compliments of Another Mother Runner!

Saucony trio compliments of Another Mother Runner!

Would you believe that I do not own any running capris? Or a running top that has a zippered storage pocket in the back? Or a windbreaker running jacket? How lucky am I?! It’s lovely to receive this much-needed running gear. Even more lovely is the encouragement it gives me. I choose to take this lucky win as a good omen, one that says, “You’re on the right path. Keep going! You can do it!”

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Just a quick Saturday shopping shout-out to Sheila, a/k/a Striding Mom, to thank her for telling me and all her other grateful readers to run not walk to our local Costco to grab one of these Kirkland Signature athletic jackets for $24.99:

No I do not run in my best pair of designer jeans (Hudson) and yes I do wear my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 to shop at Costco.

No I do not run in my best pair of designer jeans (Hudson) and yes I do wear my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 to shop at Costco.

I chose the lovely indigo color but it comes in black, pink, and a lighter blue if I remember correctly. It’s 87% Nylon and 13% Spandex, machine wash cold and tumble dry low. It’s got reflective trim on the back and cuffs for night visibility, zippered front pockets plus a “zippered arm pocket with media cord management” (not that I have a media player to put in there although maybe now Mike will let me borrow his iPod since I have a secure place to carry it), and best of all, it’s got extra-long sleeves with thumb holes and, wait for it, hand cuffs that flip out to make handcover “mittens.”

Watch out cold, I'm coming for you.

Watch out cold, I’m coming for you.

I totally wish I had had this last weekend when the forecast said the temperature was in the high 40s but the frost on the clovers told a different story:

Frost on the clovers

I froze for eight frosty miles, cursing my lack of running gloves the whole way. I’d say $24.99 plus outrageous California sales tax is worth every penny to have “mittens” at the ready on winter long runs. Happy Saturday everyone! I hope your Costco carries this little gem and you are as happy as I am to find it.

P.S. This marks my 100th post here on Fit Fun Mom! Thank you for sharing in my excitement and love of running and all things fitness-related!

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