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Forgive me, Marathon Training Plan, for I have sinned. It has been seven days since my last run. During that time, I have cheated on you with three bike rides, two swims in the pool, and two weight training sessions. I thought it would be fun to dally with the bike, but in fact I had to force myself to go for those rides. When I’m riding the bike because I cannot run, it’s not quite as fun as riding for the joy of it. I am trying to be smart about healing from plantar fasciitis, sacrificing the short term training for the long term benefit, but it is hard.

As those around me can attest, I am going through the five stages of grief. (1) denial (oh, my feet are just sore, and it’s my arches, not my heels, maybe it’s not plantar fasciitis), (2) anger (irrational desire to kick people when I see them run by, not because it’s their fault I cannot run, but because they are happily flaunting their ability to do what I cannot do), (3) bargaining (if I wear my Strassburg sock every night like a good girl, and promise to stretch my calves and feet in the future, maybe the running gods will smile on me?)

and (4) depression (speaks for itself). I haven’t quite made it to number five, acceptance. I do not accept this, at least not with grace.

It’s a little crazy to liken a running injury to a major life loss, I recognize that fact. I do try to put it in perspective. Last night I took dinner to a family to help them while the mother is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She is at the point in treatment where she has lost her hair and is suffering other ill effects from the toxins in her body. I’m incredibly lucky to be healthy. I know this.

At the same time, I do think my feelings of loss are normal.┬áNautica Malibu is one week from today. I’d like to get a run in before then to test out my feet and see if I can justify participating in the race, complete with the 6.2-mile run. Cross your fingers for me, wish on found pennies, and bargain with those running gods, okay? And send up some prayers and positive thoughts for my friend, who needs them far more than I do.

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Y’all, I am struggling physically and mentally with the plantar fasciitis in my feet. It’s not painful, it’s not a sharp stab in my heel, it’s a dull ache in the arch of the foot. One day it’s the right foot yelling at me, the next day it’s the left. Frankly I want to yell at them both.

Back in May, right after I officially signed up for the Santa Barbara International Marathon this coming November, I had a flash of fear. Could I really do it? I’d struggled to run 13.1 miles and meet my goal of a sub-2 half, did I actually want to put myself to the test of 26.2? The more I thought about it the more I realized:

I am less afraid of running 26.2 miles than I am of being injured and not able to run at all.

Now here I am, staring down an injury. I’m halfway through my marathon training plan, with under 10 weeks to go until race day. Maybe the plantar fasciitis will go away in a matter of weeks and never come back. Maybe it will drag on for months. Maybe (heaven forbid) the plantar fascia will rupture. I’ve given myself a few days to worry and research and develop a plan of action for the next couple of weeks. Now it’s time to give myself a pep talk and move forward. What do you think of the following random thoughts in my own mental pep talk? Do you have any words of inspiration to share?

Sometimes the workouts we least want to do end up being the most important ones.

Even the best physical training plan is deficient if you do not pair it with your own mental training plan. How do you juggle training with the rest of life? What do you do to manage injury? How do you deal with pre-race nerves? What will your mantra be on race day? What is going to get you through those last miles?

Train without music in order to listen to your body and mind.

Overcome that “I don’t feel like it today” and you will be rewarded with a huge mental boost that is exponentially greater than the physical workout.

Figure out how to weather an injury without going crazy. Be resilient. Take the downtime to appreciate the gift of fitness. Come back stronger.

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Runners often lament that they get black toenails. I’m not sure anyone’s pinpointed the exact cause of black toenails, the painful blood blisters under the nails. Ill-fitting shoes, downhill running, anatomy, swelling in the heat, lack of nail trimming, plain bad luck, some combination thereof? I do follow the advice to prevent black toenails: getting fitted for a proper size running shoe with enough room in the toe box, wearing wicking running socks, and trimming my toenails to the point they don’t look fantastic in this Southern California flip-flop wearing culture.

Still, I think the main reason I haven’t fallen victim to the dreaded black toe is that I simply haven’t reached a high enough running mileage. I don’t think I’m immune to it, and I like to tempt fate with my own little inside joke for runners:

Black toenail polish

Tempting fate by painting my toenails black

I used my 10-year-old’s non-toxic Piggy Paint to paint my nails black. It makes me smile every time I slip on my running shoes!

Do you get black toenails? What have you done to treat and/or prevent them?

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