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About 10 weeks into my marathon training, I have hit a bit of a speed bump. My feet feel fine before and during a run, but end up sore and whimpering a few hours later. I can walk or run fine, but my poor puppies feel tired and sore in the arches. They calm down after some ice and rest, and feel normal again the next morning. I don’t have heel pain, but I’m worried that I have the early stage of plantar fasciitis (no no knock on wood no). My shoes are relatively new (less than 30 miles on them) and are the same Brooks Adrenaline 12 model I used problem-free to train for a half marathon last May. I suppose I could need shoes with more arch support as my mileage increases, but I don’t think that’s the issue.

After talking with friends and Dr. Google, my plan to ward off a worsening of the problem is (1) take three to four days off running by substituting low-impact biking and swimming, (2) ice packs and frozen water bottles for rolling on the feet, (3) ibuprofen as needed although I’m not in pain so it’s to treat inflammation, (4) slow return to running, without hill work or speed work for now, (5) choosing soft(er) surfaces for running when possible, and (6) stretches and strengthening exercises for the feet and calf muscles. Oh the things I will do for love of marathon training (see: (a) running 14 boring miles on the soft(er) surface of the track and (b) picking up pennies with my toes for foot-strengthening entertainment.)

Does this sound like plantar fasciitis to you? Have you ever experienced foot problems like sore arches, heel pain, and/or plantar fasciitis? What happened and what worked to stop the problem in its tracks, so to speak?

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