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Why I Tri

Most of the reasons I run and participate in triathlons are selfish reasons: fitness, good physical and mental health, weight maintenance. I wanted to be “fit at forty” and I celebrated with my first sprint triathlon less than a month after turning 40 last year. Today I turn 41 — happy birthday to me!! — and I am more excited about fitness than ever.

The other day I got reminded of the main reason I keep up all this exercise. My four-year-old saw me getting dressed in my tri kit and she said

I want to do triaflon with you when I’m your size.

Yes! How cool is it to set a good example for your child and inspire her to want to become an athlete too? And how cute is she with her “triaflon”? (When she was three, she called it “falafelon.” That sounds like fun too but I think that involves consuming calories rather than burning them!)

Here’s me in the outfit that inspired my daughter to want to be like me:

Trying out my new tri kit at Zuma Beach in Malibu

The tri kit came as an early birthday present from my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad for the support and the awesome new gear!

Why do you tri or run or swim or bike or do what you do?

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