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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Triathamom!


Triathamom a/k/a Easiest Halloween Costume Ever

When my husband begged me not to recycle my vampire costume yet again for Halloween this year, I put my 10-year-old to the task at the last minute. She grabbed a plain blue t-shirt of mine and some fabric markers and she made me a “Triathamom” t-shirt like the one she saw at the expo for SheROX San Diego. Along with “TRIATHAMOM” she wrote the names of each of my races on the shirt. Add in my Snail’s Pace running academy training hat, my SheROX medal, my running tights and my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12 and I was good to go. Frankly it was the perfect outfit for tromping around the neighborhood with the kids for trick-or-treating.

I’m on week three of taper and trying to deal with the taper crazies. The game is all mental at this point. I am sure each ache and pain is the sign of something devastating that will keep me from racing. That pain in my calf must be a tibial stress fracture. The groin injury will plague me until the end. Good thing I warned Mike not to take my whining and complaining seriously. This ain’t my first rodeo. I know that everything will miraculously come together for race day. Even the weather looks like it’s cooperating, with temps in Santa Barbara predicted at a high of 67° and 48° low for race day.

I stick to my theory that endurance training and racing is like pregnancy and birth. After months of training, all I can think about is the marathon. I’m uncomfortable at this point, tired of the training, and I want to get on with the show. At the same time, I know the big show will involve some pain. And I know that in spite of the pain, the reward will be worth it, and the pain will soon be forgotten.

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